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Dayma Our Pillars

Dayma Our Pillars

Dayma Our Pillars A key component of Dayma’s inception was the general insistence on packaging our goods in an environmentally friendly way.

Our Pillars


Our planet is our priority, and we are committed to delivering a product that has the minimum amount of impact on the environment.

A key component of Dayma’s inception was the general insistence on packaging our goods in an environmentally friendly way. All our packaging is either biodegradable, reusable, or recyclable.

Not only is our packaging eco-friendly, but our facilities which sort, clean, and package Dayma products, have been hacked to reduce our carbon footprint. They are equipped with the latest technology to save energy and reduce waste. We have installed solar panels on the roofs of our factories and warehouses to harness our most abundant source of clean energy, the sun. Additionally, our forklifts and elevators have electric-powered engines, eliminating a function usually powered by diesel.

Our parent company, Mediterraneo, is set to reduce its carbon footprint by 500 tonnes by 2025.

Dayma Our Pillars
Dayma Our Pillars
Kraft Paper
Dayma Our Pillars
Dayma Our Pillars
Biodegradable Plastic Window


Our path to produce a sustainable product in a market that favors plastic led us to redefine packaging in the commodities market. For all our products, we wanted to create premium packaging for our world-class range of products. In order to do this, we decided that our packaging should be sustainable, protective, practical, and physically appealing.

For our pulses line, we encountered a few challenges. After a lot of research, we finally came up with a model that fits our needs. Working alongside partners, we created a biodegradable package made from Kraft paper. The package includes two biodegradable PE windows on either side of the packet to allow consumers a glance at the product. The inside of the packet is encased in a biodegradable PT layer which ensures that the products are protected from outside moisture. Not only is the packaging biodegradable, but it is also practical, we added a Ziploc at the top of the packet to ensure that packets can be opened and sealed safely with every use.


Our expert traders source the finest pulses, grains, and spices from a network of suppliers spanning across 50 countries on 5 continents. With years of experience and know-how, they continually ensure a steady supply of the best quality commodities globally.

Once at the local ports, the commodities are transported to our facilities in Damietta and Gamasa where they are cleaned and sorted twice to ensure the quality and hygiene of our products. Next, they are packaged in sustainable materials and dispatched to retailers.

The process from sourcing the crops to their final destination in supermarkets as a packaged product is a meticulously planned and executed operation that ensures the quality and nutritious value of the food is maintained.

Consumer Satisfaction

Consumer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us at Dayma. All our pillars tie back to the satisfaction of our consumers. We are committed to bringing the best quality grains, pulses, and spices from around the world to help you create the most nutritious and tasty meals for you and your loved ones.

Through focus groups, we’ve addressed many customer pain points related to packaging including a Ziploc feature for our packaged pulses, a 19-hole flapper cap for the spices, and grinders for our black peppercorn.

Our focus on sustainability addresses a growing demand for eco-friendly products as more and more people are committed to reducing the amount of single-use plastic they consume.

At Dayma, we believe that there is always room for improvement. We are open to suggestions and criticisms as we are always looking to upgrade and improve our products.